The equipment used in mining is uniquely designed to do demanding work and to operate in harsh and treacherous conditions.  Mining facilities often explore methods of how their equipment can operate efficiently and cost-effectively as down-time on a mine can be an expensive exercise, especially if the reason is due to refuelling problems. Mining and Commercial Industries are under constant pressure to reduce operating costs, but at the same time to increase productivity across all functions of operations.  Looking at where the biggest impact can be in cost savings and increased productivity, one has to look at the refuelling methods on-site, the time spent for mining vehicles to stop work and return to fueling depots, and how this can be optimized. Diesel is a significant energy source for the mining industry and is also the highest overhead expense that the mines are faced with.  So dealing with fuel losses and mismanagement is key to maintaining the operational and financial standards of a mining facility.

So how do you optimize on-site refuelling?

With Tank farms strategically placed on mines, the solution to increasing productivity is not necessarily met, as the mining trucks have to still leave their operating environment to refuel at the tank farm depot.  In this case, the condition of haulage routes is another key factor in fuel consumption that needs to be considered. Mobile fuel trucks often form an invaluable part of an operation’s refuelling plan. These mobile fuel trucks (bowsers) allows for the efficient refuelling of plant machinery and equipment that is operating in remote areas where fixed refuelling facilities are not practical or not possible.  Mobile refuelling bowsers supplies on-demand fuel at the point where it is required.  Considering the time mine trucks spend between haulage load and payload, it makes more sense to increase the number of mobile browsers used on site, and to strategically placed them in high demand areas for easy accessibility.

Problems vs Solutions

Although Mobile Bowsers are considered a key part of the planning of fuel management on site, they do come with their own problems such as:
  • Inaccuracies of manual administration
  • Fraudulent activity
  • Accurate record-keeping of wet stock
There are methods that can be implemented to ensure the maximum accuracy of wet stock levels, to provide a secure refuelling solution and to minimise fuel loss and wastages, by introducing an effective fuel management solution. The benefits of having mobile bowsers as part of your onsite refuelling solution outweigh the problems that you might be facing on site.  Although there might be problems caused by human interventions, the benefits are significant. They provide:
  • Increased productivity and cost savings
  • Refuelling stations that are located closer to mining activities
  • Enabling trucks to complete one additional cycle per shift on average
  • The ability to refuel without stopping the operating line
At CMS we can provide you with a full mobile bowser refuelling solution based on your on-site needs and requirements as well as maintenance of your refuelling equipment. Contact us today to find out more…