Clean Diesel, Maximum Power, Hassle-Free Maintenance

Elevate your fueling infrastructure with our comprehensive solution. We specialize in installing, maintaining, and manufacturing fuel bays tailored to meet the exacting standards of your commercial fleet.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert Installation: Our team of skilled technicians ensures that your fuel bay is installed with precision and efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance from day one.

  •  Proactive Maintenance: With our proactive maintenance plans, we keep your fuel bay running smoothly, conducting regular inspections and servicing to prevent issues before they arise.

  •  Custom Manufacturing: Need a fuel bay tailored to your specific requirements? Our custom manufacturing capabilities allow us to design and build fueling solutions that perfectly suit your fleet’s needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Our Dual Head clean kit guarantees that your diesel fuel is purified to perfection, safeguarding your engines against the harmful effects of dirt and water. With maximum uptime in mind, our team is dedicated to keeping your fuel bay operating at peak efficiency, ensuring a continuous supply of quality fuel for your fleet.


    Design and Manufacture

    Commercial and Mining Services design and manufacture custom-made solutions across the Fluids Management value chain, that are functional including, Pipework, Filtration and Pump-Set Skids, Flow Meter stands, Hose reel Stands, Dispenser and Pump Stands, as well as  stair structures, among others.

    Fluids Management Equipment

    We are the leading supplier and support partner for well known reputable petrochemical and lubrication fluids management equipment in the Commercial and Mining industries. We provide our customers an extensive range  of equipment, including dispensers, pump sets, flow meters, tank gauging, valves, and nozzles. All our products are supported by reputable and reliable Technical back-up and Support.

    Bulk Storage Facilities

    Our technical teams have the experience, capability and practical know-how to build the right above or below ground Bulk Storage tank systems for Fuels or Lubricants, to meet the demands of the Commercial and Mining Bulk Storage requirements. We offer a variety of options including Horisontal, Self Bunded and Integrated tank solutions in several sizes and configurations including fitment of Dispensing and Management Systems.

    Diesel bowsers/Trailers

    According to our experience, we can manufacture trailers according the specific requirements of our clients. To help you choose the most appropriate trailer for your purposes, we have prepared a comprehensive range of standard sizes and have made them available for you in various configurations.

    Filtration Solutions

    As a Donaldson Filtration Solutions, Bulk Fluids Distributor, CMS are able to provide consulting, design, and manufacturing services for Fuel and Lubricant Filtration Systems in all Bulk Fluid Storage Installation, for the Commercial and Mining Industries.

    Technical and Field Services

    Commercial and Mining Services provides technical on-site support services for a number of OEM equipment suppliers for Fluid Dispensers, Pumps Sets and Motors, Valves, Mobile Bowsers and Service Trucks, as well as Fluids Management Systems.

    Project Management

    In a highly competitive business environment, it is essential to deliver projects on-time, within budget and at the required quality level. Our Project Management and Resource Planning models ensures we understand the business requirements, scope, and design and implement our project plans accordingly. As a prime contractor or subcontractor, our project managers work with you to create a schedule that meets your goals.

    Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions

    Unveiling a game-changing advancement for diesel fuel systems, Commercial and Mining Services presents the DUAL HEAD CLEAN KIT. Engineered for modern diesel engines, our solution ensures pristine fuel quality, maximum power, and minimal emissions. With high-performance filters and a maximum working pressure of 24 BAR, it sets a new standard for cleanliness.

    Who We Are

    We are driven by Passion & Experience , creating a Service to our Clients that is Out of this World.


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