In our current economic environment, businesses including mines are exploring various methods of how to improve their financial statuses. With the volatility of crude oil having a direct impact on Diesel Fuel costs, modern industries have a strong focus on remaining competitive and to ensure operating costs are managed and monitored closely. Diesel fuel is one of the most critical components for a mine to remain productive, but are also currently one of the biggest expenses. The way Diesel Fuel is procured, stored and managed can make a huge impact on the mine’s bottom line. Therefore effective fuel management is critical for a mine to increase productivity and reduce environmental risks.

What options do mines have to control fuel usage?

With technology forever evolving, the different ways that fuel usage can be managed is becoming a key focal point in innovation. With new cleaner types of fuel coming onto the market, more active fuel testing done on sites and a firmer hand on fuel distribution with onsite fuel management solutions, the possibility of the misuse of fuel, fuel theft and unconfirmed usages are becoming more manageable. One of the key aspects of managing fuel on sites is to implement fuel monitoring solutions, by which you can determine the following:
  • Exact fuel usage analytical data
  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Fuel delivery monitoring with the assistance of inlet lines
  • Centralized fueling and refuelling points

The benefits of offloading and refuelling points

Offloading and refuelling points are key to effective fuel management for mines. With a centralized area where all refuelling and fuel offloading can take place, makes the management of fuel usage and the monitoring of usage a lot easier. At CMS, we specialize in the design and installation of offloading and refuelling points
  • Supply and installation of offloading and refuelling pumps and meters.
  • Supply and installation of hoses and couplings, pipe decals, all pipelines, valves, flanges, and fittings as well as pipe supports and paint-work to specifications.
  • Fabrication and installation of steel support drip trays for hoses and couplings.
  • Supply and installation of hose reels for EMV refuelling points.
  • Fabrication and installation of hose reel support and drip trays.
  • Fabrication and installation of loading arms per specification and design.
  • Supply and installation of digital and pulse meters, solenoid valves, couplings, high flow nozzles and pipe decals for EMV refuelling.
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