*What is Clean Diesel?

This is diesel that is mostly free of the contaminants that harm modern diesel engines. 


*What is Dirty Diesel?

The worldwide diesel fuel quality is in general decline, so the basic forms of filtration cannot fully protect precision engine components.

There are three main sources of diesel fuel contamination: dirt and particles, water and microbial organisms. Each of these sources must be removed from diesel fuel to prevent issues. Not only do these contaminants clog filters, they likewise damage equipment and cause corrosion over time, which will halter production, cause unnecessary delays and huge expense to have repaired or replaced.

The higher the pressure of diesel engine injectors, the more sensitive they are to dirt and particles in diesel fuel.

*How to Keep Diesel Clean?

If you haven’t regularly tested the diesel fuel in your storage tanks, it could easily be contaminated with water and particles, causing the failure or damage to your equipment, which will then require expensive repairs. It can lead to poor engine performance and potentially complete engine failure. 

A way to keep your diesel clean and dry is to install and regularly replace Diesel Fuel filtration systems. There is a direct link between fluid cleanliness and component life. The filtration systems are developed to extend service intervals through increased filter capacity.

Diesel fuel filtration is essential to make sure diesel engines can do their job to their peak performance. 

Different ways to maintain clean Diesel Fuel on your Fuel Storage sites:

  • Inspect all breathers
  • Inspect all transfer and dispensing points
  • Inspect inside of bulk storage tanks on a regular basis
  • Drain and clean storage tanks on a regular basis
  • Inspect all tanks to ensure they are properly sealed, no cracks

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Because unstable fluids and storage tank can be a source of contamination, a final filtration at the dispenser is recommended

Removing dirt and contaminants with bulk filtration prior to pumping the diesel into your equipment then enables onboard filtration systems to do their work better.

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