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“How” I hear you ask…..

✅ We Analyse your Bulk Fuel Storage Site to determine the best possible solution for you.
✅ We provide Engineering from concept to Detailed Design Packages, Draughting of all Fuel Facility Site Plans
✅ We provide support across the full range of Project Management and Due Diligence using our skilled workers to ensure all work is up to standard
✅ We are able to schedule Pump and Tank Maintenance, Advising on Tank Maintenance to ensure your business has the fuel systems running at optimal efficiency
✅ We have the required Expertise and Network of Suppliers to satisfy and exceed customer needs
✅ We provide Tank Conversions and Depot Restorations
✅ We are able to Repair and Recondition Bulk Fuel Meters
✅ We do the supply and installation of Above ground and Underground Bulk Fuel Tanks

🎯At Commercial and Mining Service we service the Mining, Oil, Gas and Fuel Distribution Sectors by providing Hydro-carbon and Liquid Storage, Transfer and Metered Solutions⠀

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